Design/ The Chateau d’Ax’s sofas, sit down in Italy

Even though the name could be misleading regarding the origin of the brand, Chateau d’Ax is 100% Italian; a brand that for 60 years represents a guarantee of furniture and in particular the production and distribution of quilted sofas.

The founder of the brand is Bruno Colombo who, in the heart of Brianza, decided to give birth to Chateau d’Ax, making real the basic ideas of the concept of “Made in Italy”, specifically: household, work dedication, executive rigor, collaboration, crafty, quality sensibility and humility of the service, to obtain not only a product but one that becomes representative of a concept that incorporates functionality and style. This is the genesis of a product with Chateau d’Ax’s name. In over half a century, this concept has remained central allowing Chateau d’Ax to grow and become the leader in the field of furniture. Chateau d’Ax is the brand of modernity adaptable to all aspects of the individual taste with an affordable price and never trivial.

With the ambitious goal to furnish a house at 360 degrees and using Fabio Corsini’s words who serves as the Italian General Manager:

“It means to give birth to our passion in order to furnish the most beautiful houses of the world”

Sit down in Italy!

Gerardo Soglia

Design/ Bauli the art to celebrate Christmas with taste

Christmas is the embodiment of the tradition concept, a holiday that embraces and involves every aspect of this magical season and definitely doesn’t forget the culinary importance.  Today, we’ll dive deeper into Italian culinary delicacies typical of the Holiday season: the Verona’s Pandoro, highly represented from the most important company of the field: Bauli.

The story of Bauli begins in 1922, when Ruggero Bauli returned to Verona from World War I.  Times are difficult and Ruggero decided to move to the other side of the world, Argentina.  After avoiding a shipwreck, he found employment in the “Paris” pastry of Buenos Aires, becoming in a short time the boss of 40 pastry chefs.  In 1936, Ruggero returned home and founded a craft pastry that bears his name which was able to endure another crisis, namely World War II.

Nowadays, the secrets of his art are carried forward by Bauli’s pastries, which embody the passion of his work.  The chefs are inspired to create groundbreaking pastries with irresistible tastiness suitable for everyone.

Only from the oldest Bauli experience, made by heart, tradition and a natural process, the secret of the Verona’s Pandoro is born.  A Christmas classic that connects families with its hug of inimitable sweetness that embodies experimentation and innovation to give a different and special flavor to the holidays.

Bauli dignifies the old recipe thanks to the best ingredients, a pinch of inventiveness, and the use of traditional production methods. This is the secret to achieve the excellent balance between beauty and flavor.

In a sweetness that exemplifies the feeling of the season.  Over the years, Bauli is able to reproduce the unique and magical taste of Christmas, in a scent that reminds each of us of the wonderful holiday atmosphere. The one that, as soon as you feel it, you suddenly think:

this year too Christmas has come.

Gerardo Soglia

Design/ The art of Barilla pasta
“The most exciting challenge of our company is the ability to improve continuously  in all our activities. At stake is the sustainability of our growth, our future, the future of our children”
Guido, Luca and Paolo Barilla

The most  loved food by Italians, as well as identification of the people’s “three color Italian flag”  is, without a doubt,  pasta, by unanimity so loved by every self-respecting Italian!
In fact pasta is still the moment of conviviality and sociability by excellence and is consumed not only between the four walls but also outside. A good plate of pasta is a pleasure to be enjoyed every day. So today I am dedicating our weekly appointment  to the Italian company which is leader in the world in the food sector: Barilla.

Since 1877 Barilla is the Italian family business  who plays its power as a unifying moment of joy, full of taste, affection and generosity. The company was founded in 1877 by Pietro Barilla who descended from a family of bakers documented since 1576. He opened a bakery in Parma for baking bread and a small workshop for the processing of the dough. Since that time the company, keeping tightly on the route of the exaltation of the Italian food model that combines superior quality ingredients and simple recipes, proved to be the bearer of cultural and  typical food values of the Mediterranean diet, which has always been the best for the well-being of the body.

Distinctive element of the brand is its logo, representing a boiled egg open  halfway, a sign of abundance and life, in the center of which stands the Barilla inscription, a focal point of communication and sense of belonging that aims to offer a range of tasty and secure products  through the push for the well-being of the people and the communities in which it operates.
Barilla has created a rich variety of pasta shapes to suit all tastes and all sauces in order to bring new dishes  to the table . You just need to eat!

Gerardo Soglia

Design/ A praise to elegance: Giorgio Armani

When class and elegance in perfect Italian style meet with minimal rigor and curvy forms we face the quintessence of beauty signed Giorgio Armani, the undisputed fashion guru.

Born in Piacenza on July 11th  1934, Giorgio Armani made  sobriety and taste his trademark for a worldwide success.
He abandoned his studies in medicine in the early 60s and he realized that that his professional road inevitably was through the field of fashion therefore taking his first, but successful, steps to La Rinascente in Milan (real hotbed of talent) where he worked as a merchandiser . After some experience as a freelance, in 1975 Armani gives life along with Sergio Galeotti, to the  Giorgio Armani S.p.A. company , with a ready to wear  male and a female line. The great ascending fashion designer started with a ready-to-wear collection when he is already acclaimed with admiration at  European level.

From that moment on the Armani signature becomes synonymous with elegance, innovation, simplicity and class; Armani production in fact ranges from clothes of all kinds, although its spearhead is the jacket: he will dress women with a more classic menswear. In doing this he dismantles and recreates the garment , eliminates the internal canvas support, moves the buttons, changes the straps; his dress revolution coincides with a historical period in which the career woman is claiming her emancipated womanhood, a imbued style with references from male to female and vice versa. In this game of roles there is a constant confirmation: the beauty of lines. His wish to impress but with class also lies on the careful choice of colors. From modern Picasso, through various preferential chromatically periods, he enhances identifying color which is best  recognized: the blue Armani. But he goes further. Giorgio in a creative  passion creates a new color palette combining it with precious fabrics. A fusion of neutral shades like beige, blush, brown, gray and sand that becomes the famous “greige”.

Over the decades, there is a change in the combination of the garments and the reconstruction of shapes and volumes but the Armani style is consolidated with futuristic interpretations, wonderfully fluctuating between rigor and gentleness. Lasting success to Giorgio Armani, who is placed by divine right, on the Olympus for fashion.

Gerardo Soglia

Design/Scavolini kitchens and …

Scavolini, the kitchen queen, and the most loved by Italians, is the top for  innovation, hospitality, functionality and style in kitchens, exporting all over the world a taste of Made in Italy and passion for cooking in a structured and styled family environment.
Scavolini has been producing kitchens for over 50 years. A long term experience gained over time along with the tastes and trends of almost three generations of consumers. From a craft it turned into an industrial reality, along with persistence and determination in all of the stages of its construction business in full compliance with the public, and in tune with the needs of the territory in which it operates.
With commitment, dedication and attention to detail Valter and Elvino Scavolini debut with their first (small) craft production of a modular kitchens in 1961 and immediately it’s a success. In a continued growth of initiatives the company, firmly maintaining the focus on the innovation and taste route, has become a prime example of a productive and brilliant development  to follow and to admire.

With one eye blinking to the changes in market tastes and the other looking towards technological innovations, Scavolini is the undisputed leader of one of the areas of design most loved by Italians,  because it represents our beloved and healthy passion for good food.
To choose a Scavolini kitchen means relying on functionality, safety, ergonomics, the highest quality materials and a cutting edge design. It means, to paraphrase one of the Company’s dear metaphors, create the perfect dress that lasts a lifetime.

Scavolini, a love that lasts forever!

Gerardo Soglia

Design/ Ferrero and Nutella

Her Majesty the Nutella could not miss in the review of the most famous Italian brands known around the world. A tribute is due to the Queen of the gluttonous!

Born as a remedy to food shortages after World War II, the story of Nutella is certainly captivating. It’s a story where love and passion are linked to a clever incentivizing  of  raw materials of the Piedmont region (its birthplace) to give life to a product of undisputed goodness and the ability to give out a smile whenever one tastes it! Pietro Ferrero, a Piedmont  baker, had the idea of ​​creating a creamy sweet with hazelnuts, sugar and cocoa, giving it the form of a loaf and naming it “Giandujot”, named after a famous  carnival mask of Turin. It was  May 14, 1946 and the Ferrero company was born.
Delicious “Giandujot” is transformed into a new product: a spreadable cream called Supercrema. This was the ancestor product of the famous Nutella.

In 1963 Pietro’s son, Michele Ferrero, decided to renew Supercrema, with the intention of marketing it throughout Europe. The composition is changed, to prove Michele’s creative talent, and the label as well as the name: it’s  nestled comfortably in the glass jars, Nutella, the name which results from the merging of the English word “nut” (hazelnut) with the Italian suffix -ella (recalling, euphonically, something sweet and pleasant).

The product had instant success, both in Italy and abroad (first in Germany and then in France), to wrap up within its incomparable taste, tastes from around the globe! And to this day Nutella is, deservedly, the sweetest gluttony that exists!

What world would it be without Nutella? »

Gerardo Soglia

Design/ Benetton: United Colors of Style

Benetton was founded as a small family business, an today it’s a global icon of casual clothing and sportswear fashion. The Benetton family has been a master in knitwear since 1955 part of a fashion and communication project that has never ceased to experiment with new techniques, processes and materials.
The group mainly owes its fame to a communication style which has always been innovative and over the top, also thanks to Fabrica and those  “subversive” and anti-racist shots by Oliviero Toscani.
The first part of Benetton’s path to global success was marked by a fundamental insight: how to restyle classic clothing, such as wool sweater. In the sixties the sweater was mainly a clothing item addressed to an adult audience with rather high prices and, quite sadly, with very little color variety. It was Luciano Benetton and his sister Giuliana who decided to give sweaters a more informal and cheerful look: the first colored sweater was born and had an immediate success, because it responded fully to what the youth were asking for. Another one of Luciano’s great ideas was that of  piece “dyed”, a production of solid colored garments that were dyed depending on the demands of fashion after processing them through a special pre-treatment of which Benetton owned the patent, this permitted to be faster in  supplying the stores. Benetton’s insight place them on the top of the Olympus of ready to wear fashion. From sweaters to an entire line of clothing the step was short and, with the addition of 012 and Sisley, Benetton brand became synonymous with 360° freedom of expression.
An explosion of creativity where color is not only what qualifies Benetton clothing but it’s mainly the leitmotiv of the company’s philosophy that, created by true Italians, perfectly embodies art, design and taste.

Free your identity and color yourself with Benetton!
Gerardo Soglia

Design/ Lotto: Sport with style

Evolution, technology, design, fashion represent the fantastic four that exemplify the best Lotto brand sportswear.
The Fabulous 70’s (more precisely 1973) sees the debut of the brand, born from the surname of its founder, Caberlotto, who soon specializes in sport shoes with sneakers, shortly followed by models for basketball, volleyball , athletics and football, becoming briefly, one of the giants of the world of sport style. As time went by, the natural inclination for the sport environment, lead Lotto to create a true and complete sportswear line, synonymous worldwide for design research and technological innovation, in the heart of sport focused on an image and a sports-inspired style in the design and choice of fabrics, materials and colors.
Lotto  has always been faithful to this inspiration together with the Made in Italy  and the passion for sport; another typical characteristic of being Italian is his trademark for which he won the Oscar for Best screenwriter in sports!
Be italian!

Gerardo Soglia

Design/Luxottica, dress your eyes

 Luxottica is the global market leader for the design, manufacturing and distribution of sun eyeglasses  of unequalled quality which combine technical quality, style and luxury.

Luxottica’s mission is based on eye protection but giving value to every single face by creating the best possible product responding to the tastes and needs of us consumers very well. All of this in the respect of ethics resources, skills and experience dedicated to the well-being of the individual.

Each collection, each pair of glasses is the result of an ongoing process of research and development in which passion, blends with innovation and creativity, the latest technology and craftsmanship. The spirit of excellence reproduces itself through an openness towards new  ideas and insights, models and cultures, continuing to improve and maximizing the potential development  of the group and making it more competitive in global markets.

It is not simply a frame, Luxottica is the essential aesthetic-functional response to the wishes of each one of us!

Don’t just protect your eyes, dress them up in style!

Gerardo Soglia

Design/ Peroni Beer

Beer is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages as well as one of the oldest in the world and also the most loved. Today let’s give luster to beer which after 170 years has become synonymous with quality, sustainability, tradition, passion and typically Italian talent that has conquered the world: the very famous Peroni beer.
Birra Peroni srl or simply Peroni, is an Italian company specialized in the production of beer, born in Vigevano ( in the province of Pavia) in 1846 but which moved shortly afterwards to the Italian capital since the Capitoline market offered more potential for its development and success. Within a short time Peroni acquires a leading position among the Italian and foreign brewers, exporting the typical passion for strictly Italian taste that is a worldwide winner. By following the US organizational model, devoted to efficiency and organizational rationality, quality standardization, innovative packaging and the overall image of the product, Peroni makes history by delivering its own brand to legend: Peroni symbolizes, the Italian beer in a metonymic way .
Great attention, therefore, is given  to raw materials, fundamental basis of the entire chain.

100% Italian corn and malt and a production process that provides quality controls in all its phases as well as careful laboratory analysis, supervised by the expertise and passion of master brewers.
Quality is .. Birra Peroni!

Gerardo Soglia