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When class and elegance in perfect Italian style meet with minimal rigor and curvy forms we face the quintessence of beauty signed Giorgio Armani, the undisputed fashion guru.

Born in Piacenza on July 11th  1934, Giorgio Armani made  sobriety and taste his trademark for a worldwide success.
He abandoned his studies in medicine in the early 60s and he realized that that his professional road inevitably was through the field of fashion therefore taking his first, but successful, steps to La Rinascente in Milan (real hotbed of talent) where he worked as a merchandiser . After some experience as a freelance, in 1975 Armani gives life along with Sergio Galeotti, to the  Giorgio Armani S.p.A. company , with a ready to wear  male and a female line. The great ascending fashion designer started with a ready-to-wear collection when he is already acclaimed with admiration at  European level.

From that moment on the Armani signature becomes synonymous with elegance, innovation, simplicity and class; Armani production in fact ranges from clothes of all kinds, although its spearhead is the jacket: he will dress women with a more classic menswear. In doing this he dismantles and recreates the garment , eliminates the internal canvas support, moves the buttons, changes the straps; his dress revolution coincides with a historical period in which the career woman is claiming her emancipated womanhood, a imbued style with references from male to female and vice versa. In this game of roles there is a constant confirmation: the beauty of lines. His wish to impress but with class also lies on the careful choice of colors. From modern Picasso, through various preferential chromatically periods, he enhances identifying color which is best  recognized: the blue Armani. But he goes further. Giorgio in a creative  passion creates a new color palette combining it with precious fabrics. A fusion of neutral shades like beige, blush, brown, gray and sand that becomes the famous “greige”.

Over the decades, there is a change in the combination of the garments and the reconstruction of shapes and volumes but the Armani style is consolidated with futuristic interpretations, wonderfully fluctuating between rigor and gentleness. Lasting success to Giorgio Armani, who is placed by divine right, on the Olympus for fashion.

Gerardo Soglia