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Christmas is the embodiment of the tradition concept, a holiday that embraces and involves every aspect of this magical season and definitely doesn’t forget the culinary importance.  Today, we’ll dive deeper into Italian culinary delicacies typical of the Holiday season: the Verona’s Pandoro, highly represented from the most important company of the field: Bauli.

The story of Bauli begins in 1922, when Ruggero Bauli returned to Verona from World War I.  Times are difficult and Ruggero decided to move to the other side of the world, Argentina.  After avoiding a shipwreck, he found employment in the “Paris” pastry of Buenos Aires, becoming in a short time the boss of 40 pastry chefs.  In 1936, Ruggero returned home and founded a craft pastry that bears his name which was able to endure another crisis, namely World War II.

Nowadays, the secrets of his art are carried forward by Bauli’s pastries, which embody the passion of his work.  The chefs are inspired to create groundbreaking pastries with irresistible tastiness suitable for everyone.

Only from the oldest Bauli experience, made by heart, tradition and a natural process, the secret of the Verona’s Pandoro is born.  A Christmas classic that connects families with its hug of inimitable sweetness that embodies experimentation and innovation to give a different and special flavor to the holidays.

Bauli dignifies the old recipe thanks to the best ingredients, a pinch of inventiveness, and the use of traditional production methods. This is the secret to achieve the excellent balance between beauty and flavor.

In a sweetness that exemplifies the feeling of the season.  Over the years, Bauli is able to reproduce the unique and magical taste of Christmas, in a scent that reminds each of us of the wonderful holiday atmosphere. The one that, as soon as you feel it, you suddenly think:

this year too Christmas has come.

Gerardo Soglia