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Benetton was founded as a small family business, an today it’s a global icon of casual clothing and sportswear fashion. The Benetton family has been a master in knitwear since 1955 part of a fashion and communication project that has never ceased to experiment with new techniques, processes and materials.
The group mainly owes its fame to a communication style which has always been innovative and over the top, also thanks to Fabrica and those  “subversive” and anti-racist shots by Oliviero Toscani.
The first part of Benetton’s path to global success was marked by a fundamental insight: how to restyle classic clothing, such as wool sweater. In the sixties the sweater was mainly a clothing item addressed to an adult audience with rather high prices and, quite sadly, with very little color variety. It was Luciano Benetton and his sister Giuliana who decided to give sweaters a more informal and cheerful look: the first colored sweater was born and had an immediate success, because it responded fully to what the youth were asking for. Another one of Luciano’s great ideas was that of  piece “dyed”, a production of solid colored garments that were dyed depending on the demands of fashion after processing them through a special pre-treatment of which Benetton owned the patent, this permitted to be faster in  supplying the stores. Benetton’s insight place them on the top of the Olympus of ready to wear fashion. From sweaters to an entire line of clothing the step was short and, with the addition of 012 and Sisley, Benetton brand became synonymous with 360° freedom of expression.
An explosion of creativity where color is not only what qualifies Benetton clothing but it’s mainly the leitmotiv of the company’s philosophy that, created by true Italians, perfectly embodies art, design and taste.

Free your identity and color yourself with Benetton!
Gerardo Soglia