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Her Majesty the Nutella could not miss in the review of the most famous Italian brands known around the world. A tribute is due to the Queen of the gluttonous!

Born as a remedy to food shortages after World War II, the story of Nutella is certainly captivating. It’s a story where love and passion are linked to a clever incentivizing  of  raw materials of the Piedmont region (its birthplace) to give life to a product of undisputed goodness and the ability to give out a smile whenever one tastes it! Pietro Ferrero, a Piedmont  baker, had the idea of ​​creating a creamy sweet with hazelnuts, sugar and cocoa, giving it the form of a loaf and naming it “Giandujot”, named after a famous  carnival mask of Turin. It was  May 14, 1946 and the Ferrero company was born.
Delicious “Giandujot” is transformed into a new product: a spreadable cream called Supercrema. This was the ancestor product of the famous Nutella.

In 1963 Pietro’s son, Michele Ferrero, decided to renew Supercrema, with the intention of marketing it throughout Europe. The composition is changed, to prove Michele’s creative talent, and the label as well as the name: it’s  nestled comfortably in the glass jars, Nutella, the name which results from the merging of the English word “nut” (hazelnut) with the Italian suffix -ella (recalling, euphonically, something sweet and pleasant).

The product had instant success, both in Italy and abroad (first in Germany and then in France), to wrap up within its incomparable taste, tastes from around the globe! And to this day Nutella is, deservedly, the sweetest gluttony that exists!

What world would it be without Nutella? »

Gerardo Soglia