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Evolution, technology, design, fashion represent the fantastic four that exemplify the best Lotto brand sportswear.
The Fabulous 70’s (more precisely 1973) sees the debut of the brand, born from the surname of its founder, Caberlotto, who soon specializes in sport shoes with sneakers, shortly followed by models for basketball, volleyball , athletics and football, becoming briefly, one of the giants of the world of sport style. As time went by, the natural inclination for the sport environment, lead Lotto to create a true and complete sportswear line, synonymous worldwide for design research and technological innovation, in the heart of sport focused on an image and a sports-inspired style in the design and choice of fabrics, materials and colors.
Lotto  has always been faithful to this inspiration together with the Made in Italy  and the passion for sport; another typical characteristic of being Italian is his trademark for which he won the Oscar for Best screenwriter in sports!
Be italian!

Gerardo Soglia