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Beer is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages as well as one of the oldest in the world and also the most loved. Today let’s give luster to beer which after 170 years has become synonymous with quality, sustainability, tradition, passion and typically Italian talent that has conquered the world: the very famous Peroni beer.
Birra Peroni srl or simply Peroni, is an Italian company specialized in the production of beer, born in Vigevano ( in the province of Pavia) in 1846 but which moved shortly afterwards to the Italian capital since the Capitoline market offered more potential for its development and success. Within a short time Peroni acquires a leading position among the Italian and foreign brewers, exporting the typical passion for strictly Italian taste that is a worldwide winner. By following the US organizational model, devoted to efficiency and organizational rationality, quality standardization, innovative packaging and the overall image of the product, Peroni makes history by delivering its own brand to legend: Peroni symbolizes, the Italian beer in a metonymic way .
Great attention, therefore, is given  to raw materials, fundamental basis of the entire chain.

100% Italian corn and malt and a production process that provides quality controls in all its phases as well as careful laboratory analysis, supervised by the expertise and passion of master brewers.
Quality is .. Birra Peroni!

Gerardo Soglia