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Even though the name could be misleading regarding the origin of the brand, Chateau d’Ax is 100% Italian; a brand that for 60 years represents a guarantee of furniture and in particular the production and distribution of quilted sofas.

The founder of the brand is Bruno Colombo who, in the heart of Brianza, decided to give birth to Chateau d’Ax, making real the basic ideas of the concept of “Made in Italy”, specifically: household, work dedication, executive rigor, collaboration, crafty, quality sensibility and humility of the service, to obtain not only a product but one that becomes representative of a concept that incorporates functionality and style. This is the genesis of a product with Chateau d’Ax’s name. In over half a century, this concept has remained central allowing Chateau d’Ax to grow and become the leader in the field of furniture. Chateau d’Ax is the brand of modernity adaptable to all aspects of the individual taste with an affordable price and never trivial.

With the ambitious goal to furnish a house at 360 degrees and using Fabio Corsini’s words who serves as the Italian General Manager:

“It means to give birth to our passion in order to furnish the most beautiful houses of the world”

Sit down in Italy!

Gerardo Soglia