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 Luxottica is the global market leader for the design, manufacturing and distribution of sun eyeglasses  of unequalled quality which combine technical quality, style and luxury.

Luxottica’s mission is based on eye protection but giving value to every single face by creating the best possible product responding to the tastes and needs of us consumers very well. All of this in the respect of ethics resources, skills and experience dedicated to the well-being of the individual.

Each collection, each pair of glasses is the result of an ongoing process of research and development in which passion, blends with innovation and creativity, the latest technology and craftsmanship. The spirit of excellence reproduces itself through an openness towards new  ideas and insights, models and cultures, continuing to improve and maximizing the potential development  of the group and making it more competitive in global markets.

It is not simply a frame, Luxottica is the essential aesthetic-functional response to the wishes of each one of us!

Don’t just protect your eyes, dress them up in style!

Gerardo Soglia