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Scavolini, the kitchen queen, and the most loved by Italians, is the top for  innovation, hospitality, functionality and style in kitchens, exporting all over the world a taste of Made in Italy and passion for cooking in a structured and styled family environment.
Scavolini has been producing kitchens for over 50 years. A long term experience gained over time along with the tastes and trends of almost three generations of consumers. From a craft it turned into an industrial reality, along with persistence and determination in all of the stages of its construction business in full compliance with the public, and in tune with the needs of the territory in which it operates.
With commitment, dedication and attention to detail Valter and Elvino Scavolini debut with their first (small) craft production of a modular kitchens in 1961 and immediately it’s a success. In a continued growth of initiatives the company, firmly maintaining the focus on the innovation and taste route, has become a prime example of a productive and brilliant development  to follow and to admire.

With one eye blinking to the changes in market tastes and the other looking towards technological innovations, Scavolini is the undisputed leader of one of the areas of design most loved by Italians,  because it represents our beloved and healthy passion for good food.
To choose a Scavolini kitchen means relying on functionality, safety, ergonomics, the highest quality materials and a cutting edge design. It means, to paraphrase one of the Company’s dear metaphors, create the perfect dress that lasts a lifetime.

Scavolini, a love that lasts forever!

Gerardo Soglia