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Being Italian is not only a matter of birthright, not only a national membership; being Italian is an outright trip through a way of living and to appear to the world that embraces all aspects of life, from fashion to life style, from cuisine to gestures, in a mix of experiences to connect with Italian culture.

Italy is first of all, synonymous of fashion and elegance. All around the world, Italians are famous for their sense of style, which is easy to distinguish even when they are dressed simply. It’s called style and for an Italian it is such a very serious thing, one that is appreciated and imitated throughout the world.

I’m not able to tell you when a person’s natural inclination to good taste is born, but for an Italian it truly seems to be genetically established. Perhaps because we Italians take for granted this sense of style as we are raised with this great influence of design, so that our sense of taste is developed at a very young age. Style is detail, that’s the reason why research, experimentation and audacity have contributed to the Italian style around the world; that’s why artisanal products, creative studies, artistic laboratories and dedicated blogs are prominent and successful throughout the globe. These outlets lend to the world-renowned idea of Made in Italy. As often happens when they talk about Made in Italy, fashion and cuisine, which are not only a business field, but also translated in culture, history and in a life style with Italian beautiful taste. A cultural heritage made of history and creativity, hallmarks and prototypes of the Italian people to whom must be entrusted the style’s intellectual property. It is something to be proud of…

Be Italian!

Gerardo Soglia