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Unlike the aperitif which is the step before dinner, the happy hour  marks  the end of  a days work and the beginning of leisure in the company of friends, a good glass and a rich buffet that takes the place of dinner . The happy hour craze arouse when, especially in Turin and Milan, some locals came up with  the bright idea of ​​offering promotions at the end of the working day. From 6:00PM until late evening, this “prolonged aperitif” is based on pleasure and sociability in the very sense of the word. Today, throughout the country more and more locals and lounge bars from 7:00PM onwards prepare rich buffets combined with Spritz, Prosecco & Co. All at an affordable price which usually does not exceed 10 Euro.
Unlike foreign countries, the Italian flagship philosophy chooses quality alcohol without sacrificing the accompanying  of snacks, finger food, and small delicacies that tickle the palate; in place of or with some saltines, olives or peanuts here, therefore, also  welcoming elaborate dishes, ethnic dishes, vegetable dishes, sushi and sashimi expertly revisited and accompanied with  typical food of  the traditional Italian cuisine, through a search of flavors that suggests a 360 ° satisfaction.
But what are the drinks  Italian people choose? Very easy to answer!
In the first place (as expected) our beloved wines: red, white or rosè, the  true Italian does not give up its Mediterranean tradition, preferring this divine drink also to pay homage to the happy hour. The most popular appetizers follow in appreciation, like bitters and soda that tickle the taste buds and enhance the subsequent dinner flavors. Bronze medal for the evergreens as dry vermouth or its sweet version, depending on one’s preference, perfect for those wanting a lingering taste on the palate. At the end of the list we find the cocktails, beers and soft drinks: less common than the previous, but not as much  the right ones to enhance taste..
The important point, however, is that for a true happy hour in perfect Italian style, the focus should  fall mainly on the pleasure of being together and chatting (perhaps gesturing!) and abandoning oneself to the skilful Italian kitchen  traditions and to  knowing  how to drink!
Happy hour at all!

Gerardo Soglia