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Today I propose a short but interesting parenthesis to the discover the meaning of one of the most popular phrases and most resistant to the wear of time among us Italians:

“Do laps”

A  typical expression of the town of Pistoia indicating a walk in the center of the city, literally inspired by the swimming sport terminology, where, the term stands for the “path” that a swimmer does from one side of the pool to the other and swims back.
The phrase today is inspired by the expression “do a lap” and is usually used by the youngest to indicate a walk through the street of the city or back and forth along a main street. This started  presumably, in the ’60s, a period that  indicated in Italy, as in the rest of the world, the true return of humanity, ravaged by world wars. These are the years of carelessness, the economic boom and the frivolity and “laps” in fact,  were all part of a preferred behavior of a people who made worldliness a myth that earned them the crown of style and elegance all over the world.
A true liturgy of relaxation that has ridden the decades and that, with the necessary changes made over time, has come to this day, as a symbol of enduring a real open air catwalk where entertainment, shopping and, of course, style reign  … Italian!

Gerardo Soglia