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Choosing the right wine for every dish and every occasion is a true art, and today I’d like to offer some valuable advice for pairing the right wine (obviously Italian) with the right food to enhance flavors and aromas!

The basic advice is to pair red wines with meat, white wines with fish and cheese and rosè wines with  salmon. The key feature of Italian wines is that they have a strong regional trait where their typical character blends perfectly with the corresponding regional cuisine of origin. Therefore if you are dealing with a food typical of a certain region (and even more if that element is the main ingredient of the recipe) it’s a good rule to prefer a wine from the same region or geographical area. Just to give a few examples, a white wine of the Castelli Romani goes divinely with a pasta carbonara, while a Chianti is perfect with a Florentine steak, and a Cannonau wine is an excellent combination with a roast Sardinian suckling pig!

Another important tip to keep in mind is the so-called “color that unites”. According to this simple rule, white wines go really well with light colored foods (chicken, seafood, shellfish, fish in general, etc.), Red wines instead combine well with red colored foods (as for example game, red meats in general, lamb, entrails etc.), while the rosé wines go well with the same shade of foods (as for example grilled salmon, cold cuts, meat for barbecue, steaks and marinated pork etc.).

But when you really want to impress your guests, go for a combination “contrast”; because the daredevil encounter of a wine with a food can turn out to be an innovative and alternative taste of nuances to be discovered:
Passito wine with Gorgonzola cheese: this combination is perfect because the spiciness of the cheese is dominated by the sweetness of the wine.

Vernaccia of Oristano with spicy chicken: this wine leaves strong hints of spices, nuts and dried fruit, so that also this pairing is perfect!
Sparkling wine with soft cheese: an unusual contrast that allows you to try new fragrances, special aromas and unique sensations.

The secret, however, is to always choose quality, and there is nothing easier with Italian products…

Gerardo Soglia