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The Costa Smeralda is among the most fascinating destinations of Sardinia as well as of the entire globe. It’s an emerald set along a phantasmagoric coast, exactly as its name says …truly nomen omen,! ( name with a wish)
Located in the northeastern part of the region, it offers 80 kilometers of unspoiled coastline and is wrapped in beautiful Mediterranean vegetation, dotted with white sand beaches, hidden coves, islands and animated by a vibrant nightlife that takes place in the local fashion.
Granitic rocks of rare beauty sprouting from a sensational sea of ​​shades of green and turquoise create beaches and beautiful scenery.
Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo are the pride of this beautiful region: sophisticated, luxurious and fashionable, they are an ideal base for exploring the Emerald Coast.
Do not miss the coves of Multiccioni Lu, Li sheds and Ulticeddu, the beautiful and long white sandy beaches of Tanca Manna, del Povero, The Isuledda, Balca Brusciata, Cala Arena Bianca, Cala Granu, Portu Li Coggi and Cala Petra Ruia.
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Gerardo Soglia