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A great work of art in the open air is located in Parma; it’s the labyrinth of Masone, which to date is the largest maze in the world. Let’s learn all about it together!

Designed by the graphic designer Franco Maria Ricci together with the architects Pier Carlo Bontempi and Davide Dutto, the maze of Masone is a stylish and seductive place, a place of culture and delights with a project that was carried out from 2005 to 2015. Within the park there are also, in addition to a Catholic chapel, about five thousand square meters of space dedicated to culture: a museum, which houses the museum of Franco Maria Ricci’s art collection with five hundred works from the sixteenth to the twentieth century and a library which houses the complete works of the publishers and printers Giambattista Bodoni and Alberto Heel, in addition to the works of the publishing house founded by Ricci. Furthermore there are spaces for events and temporary exhibitions.

It is the largest existing maze, composed entirely of bamboo plants (in total about 200,000), which belong to twenty different species,  between 30 centimeters and 15 meters tall. The path is over 3 kilometers long and each corridor is 3 meters wide and offers unparalleled perceptual and emotional experiences … Sinking yourself into the green and breathing culture is one of the most exciting adventures that one may wish to share as moments of pure pleasure and contentment …

Gerardo Soglia