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Salerno, my city, welcomes you to its most longed for event of the year: The Artist’s lights!
For all of those who love to travel during the Christmas season, Salerno is without doubt a not to miss destination.
In an open-air show my lovely city  will give you the thrill of a walk through the hidden alleys, streets and gardens, amazingly lit by a real exhibition of three-dimensional art.
Inaugurated on November 5th , the event known as “ Luci d’artista”, that has nothing to envy to the beautiful Christmas installations in Vienna, Strasbourg and Brussels, will continue through January 22, 2017 and represents the perfect opportunity to discover all that Salerno has to offer to its visitors: not only Christmas but also emotional museums, gardens, monuments and interesting places .
The subject dedicated to lights with its highly innovative and creative character is now at its 11th edition. This year Salerno becomes the protagonist of even more exciting  and artistic installations; starting with the theme chosen this year which is “The Arabian Nights” divided in 4 main sub-themes, and all of which enchanting: Myth, Dream, Time and of course Christmas.
Like last year there will be an installation of lights on the new Santa Teresa beach, characterized by penguins and lit up palm trees. Along Corso Vittorio Emanuele there will be the installment of “Infinite Spaces”, while in Piazza Sant’Agostino you will breathe the Oriental atmosphere!
The Villa Comunale of Salerno will be transformed as always into an “Enchanted Garden”, mesmerizing its audience with the most beloved fairy tales by adults and children; this year it’s up to “Aladdin” with the installation of the royal palace and the magic lamp!
The absolute novelty is the 50 meter Ferris wheel and the ” sand nativity “, a crib that will celebrate the Nativity entirely made of sand. Naturally there will also be the traditional Christmas markets, where  Italian street food and souvenirs will make your sensory experience even more pleasant!
In a matching side path, the four themes can be viewed comfortably through a mobile storytelling application, in which the viewer is plunged directly into the atmosphere of Luci d’Artista, with stories one can appreciate directly from a smartphone; in this way the user is led to the discovery of the installations through a narrator.
In short, everything is ready to live a special Christmas, Traditional and unforgettable!
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Gerardo Soglia