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Versilia, a stretch of land located in the province of Lucca, is one of the most popular areas not only for its beaches, but also for the fun and culture that it offers … A very complete package indeed!
Between Forte dei Marmi and Viareggio, you are spoiled by the choice of enjoying the long sandy beaches, and the brightness of the lush vegetation and cool pine forests as a backdrop to the beaches; and if you are a passionate for culture, you can take advantage of the famous International Satire Festival (to which even a museum is dedicated and housed in the old fortress).
For art lovers, however, a must  see is Pietrasanta, quiet and elegant resort, which is located inland and is known as the artistic capital of Versilia. Great artists of the caliber of Michelangelo Buonarroti have allowed that the art of working marble developed in and around this town.
Another very characteristic place is Camaiore, whose historic center has the original Romanesque architecture and offers an emotion for the eyes and hearts for this specific location; in fact, it forms a basin at the foot of the Apuan Alps: a true performance of nature!
Last but not least is Viareggio, the southernmost town of Versilia which dates back to the nineteenth century and is the best known town of the area internationally. For centuries the only outlet to the sea  that the city of Lucca has, is also known as the city of Carnival ( one the most important in Italy) but at the same time also an elegant and refined resort. Characterized by well known cafes,  trendy youth clubs, the city center has many architectural treasures in the Nouveau Art style.
Versilia in fact offers a blend of reasons for an entertaining and cultured vacation. Enjoy this show with Italy travel Makers !!

Gerardo Soglia