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And the winner is … Puglia!
This magnificent Italian region receives the National Geographic recognition “the best destination in the world” for its fantastic sea, fascinating and wonderful natural landscapes, ancient villages curly culture and good food. An extraordinary award, especially because it is a world ranking and demonstrates, once again, the touristic and emotional richness of Italy. According to National Geographic, the award was granted because:

“The region offers the best of Southern Italy, the pace of life, the traditions, the beauty of the places.”

A  confirmation also comes from Lonely Planet who has dedicated an article ” Italy’s Magical Puglia region.

“Its major cities like Lecce, Bari and Trani are much smaller and less full of tourists than Milan and Venice,  but you can taste some quality wines not at all expensive, in a region which is the third wine producer and counts 30 different kinds of  native grapes. “

Besides the tranquility of its stunning towns such as Ostuni and Locorotondo; the incredible culinary tradition of Gargano and Salento with its products from the land and from the sea,  its heavenly beaches like Punta Prosciutto or Bay of the Turks, there would still be a lot to say even  about the religious tradition, the folklore that accompanies it and the crafts, an ever-present symbol of the past with its papier mache, processing of wicker, wood carvings or local stone. That Puglia is the most beautiful region of the world, we Italians have known it for some time  and the National Geographic’s certification proves that beauty, sometimes,  is truly an objective value.
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Gerardo Soglia